Haoda Li

Computer Science and Data Science @ U of Toronto



Sept. 2017 - Present.   Bachelor of Science  Computer Science Specialist & Data Science Specialist
University of Toronto, St. George Campus


Computer Graphics   OpenGL, WebGL, Physic Based Animation, Geometry Processing

Computer Vision    pytorch, torchvision, Video Understanding, 3D shape accusation

Deep Learning    pytorch, tensorflow, Neural Network, Machine Learning, Statitical Learning Theory

Software Engineering   Full Stack Web Development, Android Development, Project Management

Data Science   Data Mining, Big Data Handling, Database Management, Data Visualization

Undergrad Research Student
PAIR Lab, University of Toronto

Aug. 2021 - Present. 

Research on a novel method for robot to grasp and assemble objects using 3D computer vision.

Research Engineer
Noah's Ark Lab Huawei Inc.

May. 2020 - Aug. 2021. 

Working on a novel method for event localization and classification in videos.

Assisting research on self-supervised video indexing and retrieval.

Researching and integrating video understanding methods for video editing applications.

Assisting research on hand tracking and human action recognition.

Research Assistant
Dept. of Computer Science, U of Toronto

Jan. 2021 - Jun. 2021. 

Research with Prof. Fanny Chevalier and Prof. Nathan Taback.

Assisted the implementation of mverse package for multiverse analysis in R.

Undergrad Researcher
Wang Lab, Vector Institute

May. 2019 - Apr. 2020. 

Research Porject under the supervision of Prof. Bo Wang.

Researched, designed, and implemented the web application for creating, runing, and visualizing machine learning based algorithms on single cell analysis.

Allowed biomedical researcher to get hands free from coding, while accessing the power of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.

Data Scientist
Easy Group Inc.

Sept. 2019 - Apr. 2020.  

Created and managed the user profile database for management and analysis

Conducted analysis on sales, proposed the market prediction and pricing model

Automated the user interests tracking process, allowed more motivative promotions on individual clients